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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies

Fall 2013 litter


SIRE:  CH QUAIL RUN’S TWO BUCK CHUCK***  (Chuck)  OFA: CB-8067E24M-PI (Excellent), Elbows: CB-EL868M24-PI, CERF: CB-4970/09-81*, PRA:Clear by Parentage, DM: CB-DM151/68M-PI (Clear), EIC: (Clear)

(****Ch Quail Run's Rocket Man MH WDQ***  x **** Quail Run's Surf's Up ***)


DAM:  CH LPK Rubicon River Red CD MH** (Ruby), OFA: CB-9248G26F-VPI (Good), Elbows: CB-EL1480F26-VPI, CERF: CB-6234/09-32, PRA:Clear by Parentage, DM: CB-DM543/28F-VPI (Carrier), EIC:Clear

(****DC/AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais WDQ***  x   **** LPK Belleauwood of Crackshot MH)







                                                                                (Photos courtesy of Jane Pappler, Redlion Chesapeakes & Labradors -  www.redlionkennel.com )


Chuck’s OFA Database page:                                                                                                   

Chuck is a very handsome brown male with his bench championship.    He also has placements in both the open and the amateur field trial stakes as well as placements in the derby and qualifying stakes.   Chuck has been very bred very sparingly.  He is the product of 2 other very talented field trial dogs in Rocket man and Gidget (who are noted for producing field trial caliber pups.)  Gidget is also remarkable as she is a Surf Breaker daughter!  Chuck’s health clearances include: hips OFA excellent, PRA clear, DM clear, and EIC clear.







Ruby's OFA Page

Ruby is a very talented 75 pound bitch with great personality.  She has her breed championship, Master Hunter title and CDX obedience title.  She also received a Qualifying JAM at the 2012 ACC specialty field trial and also has an All Breed Derby JAM.  Ruby qualified for and was invited to the 2013 Master National. Several of Ruby’s littermates are either QAA or have hunt test titles. Ruby’s health clearances include:  hips OFA good, PRA clear, EIC clear, recent CERF and DM carrier.


Breeding was by surgical AI performed by Dr. Dana Bleifer, DVM - http://rosecityvets.com/  on August 5th.  Pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound on September 4.  Whelp is expected about October 5. 



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